Taksim 360 is the first urban renewal project of Turkey realized by Çalık Gayrimenkul. This project, within the scope of which historic buildings are renovated and other buildings are renewed with a modern architectural interpretation, is of great importance in terms of its scale and as being the first public-private partnership renewal project in Turkey. In 2013, Taksim 360, a project realized with the cooperation of Beyoğlu Municipality and Çalık Gayrimenkul, was granted the award "Best Urban Renewal Project" among 6 important projects of Europe in the 18th International Property Awards.

The project both creates a nostalgic atmosphere in Tarlabaşı with its streets and avenues, art galleries, classy stores and restaurants/cafes and makes the concept of living street real with its street artists and musicians. Tarlabaşı, which will start to breath again with a social renewal process and living buildings, makes the dream of Istanbul real thanks to this giant project. Having a construction area of 164.000 m² on 20.000 m², a marketable area of 105.000 m² and a facade length of 220 meters, Taksim 360 will become a permanent distinctive sign of Istanbul. www.taksim360.com